President’s Cabinet Meeting
February 16, 2004
9:00 a.m.

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President Grant D. Venerable II, Dean Jerryl Briggs and Ms. Diane Brown

The February 10, 2004 President’s Cabinet Meeting minutes were approved.

Title II – Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants for States and Partnerships
Summary Titled “The Status of Praxis Examination Passage as a Requirement for Public School Teaching at Lincoln University” is attached as part of these minutes.

Fiscal Affairs
Campus Heating
A number of ceramic heaters have been acquired to place in dorm rooms where heat has been lost and the temperature has fallen below 72 degrees.  Students receiving these heaters must comply with certain safety directives, which must be followed due to the current services available in the buildings.

Lincoln University Polices
The Cabinet reviewed a proposed “Severance Policy” and Vehicle Fleet Safety & Usage Policy.”  The Vehicle Fleet Safety & Usage Policy is to be implemented effective July 1, 2004.  The Cabinet was asked to recommend any changes to the Severance Policy before it is adopted for implementation.  An “Employment Separation Agreement” is also being considered by the Cabinet.

The Director of Human Resources has been designated Risk Manager and Chair of the Lincoln University Safety Committee.

Academic Affairs
The Vice President asked for assistance from Student Affairs and Enrollment Management in securing student representative to serve on faculty committees.

Student Affairs
The Office will present a short list of students whose account balances will require that they be asked to leave campus.  They are reviewing each case to determine the student’s possible potential to meet their financial responsibility to the University.

The Cabinet discussed the possibility of establishing a leadership scholarship for Student Government Association (SGA) officers.  The scholarship would cover room & Board and provide an honorarium providing a certain grade point average is maintained.

The Cabinet meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President


“The Status of PRAXIS Examination Passage as a Requirement for
Public School Teaching at Lincoln University”


Section 207 (f) (1) of Title II of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 states the following:

“Each institution of higher education that conducts a teacher preparation program that enrolls students receiving Federal assistance under this Act, not later than 18 months after date of enactment of Higher Education Amendments of 1998 and annually thereafter, shall report to the State and the general public, in a uniform and comprehensible manner that conforms with the definitions and methods established under subsection (a) the following information:

· (A) PASS RATE   (i) For the most recent year for which the information is available, the pass rate of the institution’s graduates on the teacher certification or licensure assessments of the State in which the institution is located, but only for those students who took those assessments within 3 years of completing the program.
· (ii) A comparison of the program’s pass rate with the average pass rate for programs in the State.
· (iii) In the case of teacher preparation programs with fewer than 10 graduates taking any single initial teacher certification or licensure assessment during an academic year, the institution shall collect and publish information with respect to an average pass rate on State certification or licensure assessments taken over a 3-year period.”

Lincoln University’s Performance on PRAXIS (1999-2003)
Lincoln University has filed with the Commonwealth's Department of Education the following Title II Report on the performance of its students who have completed the Education Preparation Program for the period 1999-2003:

Years             Number of      Number Taking     NumberPassing    Pass Rate   Statewide
                       Completers       Assessment           Assessment                         Pass Rate
2002-2003*         28                     52                         28                 100%             TBD
2001-2002           21                     16                         12                   75%             85%
2000-2001           33                     28                           8                   29%             84%
1999-2000           68                     28                           9                   32%             86%

*Statewide pass rate to be determined.

Please note that for 1999-2000, Lincoln University reported “all students” who took the examination and indicated they graduated from Lincoln University as completers of our Teacher Education Program. We have corrected our reporting.

State Functions
Section 208 of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 states that in order to receive funds under this act, not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, shall have in place a procedure to identify, and assist, through the provision of technical assistance, low-performing programs of teacher preparation within institutions of higher education.  Such State shall provide the Secretary an annual list of such low-performing institutions that includes an identification of those institutions at-risk being placed on such list. Such levels of performance shall be determined solely by the State and may include criteria based upon information collected pursuant to this title.

Lincoln University has not been determined as a low-performing institution for the purposes of this Act.

Section 208 (b) Termination of Eligibility—An institution of higher education that offers a program of teacher preparation in which the State has withdrawn the State’s approval or terminated the State’s financial support due to the low performance of the institution’s teacher preparation program based upon the State assessment described in subsection (a)
 · (1) shall be ineligible for any funding for professional development activities awarded by the Department of Education; and
· (2) shall not be permitted to accept or enroll any student that receives aid under title IV of this Act in the institution’s teacher preparation program

Since the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not determined that Lincoln University is a low performing institution for the purpose of Teacher Preparation then in accordance with this Act Lincoln University is in no danger of losing its ability to receive funds under Title IV of this Act.

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