President's Cabinet Meeting

January 31, 2000

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Mr. Kevin Draper, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Update on Electrical Power Failure -   Vice President McCusker indicated that an estimate of $300,000 has been received for the replacement of the switchgear throughout the campus. This job will be bid according to University policy.

Mr. Draper reported that the portable generators were operating and supplying electric to the entire campus except for the SUB, which was on its own portable generator.  He also reported frozen pipes in Manuel Rivero Hall, Wright Hall and Lucy Laney had caused some damage in the buildings.  The worst situation was in Wright Hall where there was no heat on one whole side of the second floor.  In addition, a sprinkler on the women's side of the LLC had gone off, but had since been fixed.
Dr. Nelson indicated that everyone had pulled together to handle the emergency situation and thanks were due to them all.  The offices of Communications and Human Resources did an excellent job keeping the L.U. community and the public informed.

Students will return to campus Tuesday and classes will resume Wednesday.  Vice President Winchester will meet with faculty heads to determine the best way to make up the missed class time.

L.U. 2000-2001 Appropriation Request - President Nelson asked that the University's special technology request be included in the request to Harrisburg.  The request is due in Harrisburg by February 4, 2000.

February 19, 2000 Board of Trustees Meeting - All material for the BOT meeting is due in the Board office by February 4th.  Vice President McCusker was asked to make certain that all appropriate resolutions are prepared for presentation to the Board at this meeting.

Admissions - President Nelson has distributed a Memorandum regarding his concept for one L.U. admissions office to those involved in undergraduate and graduate admissions.  He indicated that one budget must be set for all admissions activities (graduate & undergraduate).

NAFEO Tuition Installment Plan - This proposal has been received by Lincoln.  Vice President Hence will review the program to see if there are any benefits in joining the NAFEO program.

American Chemical Society - L.U. has received a letter from the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training in which they express concern with the advanced course component of the chemistry program.  Vice President Winchester will respond to the letter after discussing its contents with Dr. SubbaRao.

Johnson Controls, Inc. - Johnson Controls has sent a letter expressing an interest in providing services in the areas of recruitment/retention, image building, utility and operational costs, and capital improvements/deferred maintenance.  President Nelson asked that copies of the letter be given to Mr. John Willis, Director of Physical Plant, and Mr. Jansen Robinson, Director of Public Safety and Security, for their information and consideration.

Application for Federal Student Financial Aid Programs - Vice President Hence was asked to work with Dr. Renford Brevett to secure the institutional information needed to complete the application.  Vice Presidents will be asked to provide any residual information once Dr. Brevett is consulted.

Faculty vacancies - Vice President Winchester will advertise to fill the vacant faculty positions with a caveat that filling the vacancy is subject to budget approval.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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