Presidentís Cabinet Meeting
January 29, 2001

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President Michael Hill, Mr. John Thompson, Ms. Diane M. Brown.

2000-2001 Capital Budget - The Vice Presidents were asked to review their capital budgets for the current fiscal year.  The fiscal office will be asked to direct any funds that will not be utilized as denoted in the budget to major capital projects currently underway.

Spring Enrollment Data - As of January 24, 2001, 1622 students had been cleared and enrolled.  Records in the Registrar's office indicted that 224 students have not yet been cleared.  Friday, February 2, 2001 has been set as the final extension date for clearance.


Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM)

Admissions Statistics - Data as of January 25, 2001
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 2001-------------------------------------1101
"          ''                          "              " Fall 2000-----------------------------------1370
# admitted for Fall 2001-----------------------------------------------------------133
"      "            " Fall 2000-----------------------------------------------------------162
# deposits paid for Fall 2001---------------------------------------------------------0
"       "          "     "  Fall 2000---------------------------------------------------------3

# of Graduate applications for Fall 2001---------------------------------------------23
 # of Graduates admitted for Fall 2001------------------------------------------------4

Academic Affairs

The University has been contacted by the Chester County Historical Society concerning their interest is including some of the pieces from Lincoln's art collection in an exhibit they are planning.  Vice President SubbaRao was instructed to ensure that if the request is granted, a contract indicating the value of the pieces on loan and appropriate insurance coverage is negotiated.  The contract should be reviewed and signed-off by the Fiscal office.

Vice President SubbaRao was asked to look into whether it would be feasible to offer swimming classes and computer classes over the summer months.  It was suggested that summer classes might help to offset expenses for these areas when they are not being utilized to their full capacity by the student body.

 Fiscal Affairs

The following is an update on the status of the projects included in the $29.4 million state funding.

Scopes of work for the following projects are being developed:
1101-25 Storm Water Drainage
1101-26 Boiler plant and steam distribution
1101-28   Electrical
1101-29 Communication infrastructure
1101-30 Campus lighting
1101-31 Waste treatment plant
1101-33Boiler and steam distribution evaluation
1101-35 Water system evaluation

Tentative (emphasize tentative) dates for the projects are:
 February 10, 2001 - Advertise for professionals in PA Bulletin
 March 2, 2001 - Interested professionals to return submissions
 March 26, 2001 - Selection Committee meeting

Project 1101-24  Alarm System:


Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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