President's Cabinet Meeting

January 24, 2000

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Mr. Nicolas Chaban, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Human Resources - The Office of Human Resources has been asked to implement a "New Hire" orientation and a "Management" orientation to familiarize new hourly employees and new administrators with the University's policies and procedures.

Ms. Facey-Jones asked the Cabinet to review the draft Employee Handbook and get back to her with any necessary revisions.  She would like to publish and distribute the handbook to all employees within the next month.

Ms. Facey-Jones was asked to provide President Nelson with an update on all policies passed, and new policies needed, as soon as possible.  Some policies currently in process are drug and alcohol, travel, and student sexual harassment. Other policies needed include compensation packages, severance of administrative employees, and policy making process for the four divisions.

A letter had been received concerning changing the Christmas 2000 Holiday schedule for the clerical staff.  Ms. Facey-Jones indicated that the holiday schedule for maintenance and clerical workers is determined by their Collective Bargaining agreement.

2000-2001 Operating and Capital Budget Preparation - Department heads and Vice Presidents are to submit their operating budgets to the business office by mid February.

Collection of Delinquent Student Fees - The University received proposals from four collection agencies in response to its RFP for the collection of delinquent student fees.  Transworld Systems, Inc. has been chosen to perform this service for the University.  Initially, accounts not previously turned over to another agency will be reported to Transworld for collection.

The Registrar is to be supplied with a list of students owing monies to the University and an immediate hold is to be put on the release of their transcripts and degrees until the debt is paid.  It is believed that this practice is already being followed.

Collection of Student Fees for Spring Semester - Vice President Hence had in his possession a list of over 100 students not yet cleared for the Spring Semester and still owing balances for previous semesters.  Students owing $5,000 or more will be asked to pay on their debt and make suitable arrangements to bring their accounts up-to-date or be asked to leave campus by February 10, 2000.  Students owing less than $5,000 will be required to bring their accounts up-to-date or leave campus by February 17, 2000.  A notice to this effect is to be distributed to students and parents.

A list of all students who have outstanding balances on their accounts at the end of February is to be provided to President Nelson.  A letter will be sent out informing students that they will not get their degree or transcript if they are graduating in May.  Students returning in August will not be allowed to register until past debt is paid.

Admissions - The following report was given on Pennsylvania undergraduate enrollment:

  YEAR   PA Students  Total Enrollment % of Total
   1999         630               1454                 43.3
   1998         770               1576                 48.9
   1997         785               1544                 50.9

The Admissions office has begun a more concentrated recruiting effort in the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg areas. In addition to attending the college fairs as they had done in the past, admissions counselors are visiting high schools in these areas.

Vice President Hence was asked to provide a report on the number of scholarships (University funded) committed for the Fall semester and the anticipated number of all scholarship recipients in this category for the Fall.

Campus Security - President Nelson wants to see a plan for the entire scope of campus security needs.  The plan should be developed following a particular concept for campus security.

Legislative Testimony - Vice President Winchester shared copies of the draft testimony with the Cabinet.  President Nelson suggested that much of the information should be presented as appendices.  The report is due in Harrisburg on February 4, 2000.

Middle States Report - Vice President Winchester will write this report, which is due at Middle States April 1, 2000.

Mileage Reimbursement - Effective February 1, 2000 the reimbursement rate paid by Lincoln University to employees for the approved use of their personal vehicles for business purposes will be 32.5 cents per mile.  The rate of 32.5 cents per mile is the rate currently approved by the IRS and will replace the rate of 31 cents per mile that has been in effect at Lincoln University.

Student Representation on University Committees - President Nelson indicated that he wants to see student representation on all committees except those dealing with confidential personnel matters.  A letter will be sent to the community informing them of this requirement.

Damage to Main Gate - The University has solicited bids for repair of the damage done to the main gate.  The first quote received is in the amount of $18,000.  The University anticipates awarding this contract as a "sole source" contract under the purchasing policies.

Vice President Hence reported that directional signs for deliveries to campus have been ordered.  The signs will be placed along Old Baltimore Pike and Ashmun Road.  Inquiries must first be made with PennDot, Lower Oxford Township and Upper Oxford Township concerning any ordinances governing the placement of signs along the roadways.


Vice President McCusker questioned whether the statement "…the SGA, as a result of research and hardwork, received approval from the Board of Trustees to have all student conduct issues under the governance of the SGA" is accurate.   This was contained in the minutes of the December 7, 1999 Faculty Meeting. It was agreed that this, and all matters contained in official University records, should be verified for accuracy and a clarification made if necessary.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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