Presidentís Cabinet Meeting
January 22, 2001

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Michael Hill, Mr. Jerryl Briggs, Ms. Diane M. Brown.  Special Presentations by: Mr. Nicolas Chaban, Mr. Michael Byers, Dr. Renford Brevett.

L.U. Budget Development Process 2001-2002 - Mr. Nicolas Chaban and Mr. Michael Byers made a presentation to the Cabinet on the budget development process for fiscal year 2001-2002.  Operating Budget forms and instructions were sent to department heads on computer disks on January 22, 2001.  Capital budget forms will be sent out on January 29th.  All department heads are to return their proposed budgets to their VP for review.  All operating and capital budgets are to be returned to the budget officer by February 19, 2001.   The Administration plans to present the University's 2001-2002 budget to the Board of Trustees for approval at its April 2001 meeting.

The following assumptions are to be considered when planning the budget:

Revenue Assumptions

Expense Assumptions:

Title III - Dr. Renford Brevett gave an overview of Title III.  Lincoln is currently in its fourth year of a five-year funding period for Title III.  The University should begin thinking about what projects should be included in its next funding proposal to the Federal Government for Title III funding. Dr. Brevett suggested that the University begin to solicit proposals from all departments to start the process of developing the proposal for the next five-year Comprehensive Plan.

3020 Market Street -  A committee of faculty and administrators has been engaged in a thorough review of the University's presence in Philadelphia and the use of the Urban Center located at 3020 Market Street in Philadelphia.  The Committee has been asked to compile an evaluative report, which is to be submitted to the Business Affairs Committee of the Lincoln University Board of Trustees by March 31, 2001.

Privatized Housing - Twenty representatives from seven companies attended the "Pre-Bid" meeting for privatized housing held on the campus on January 19th.

Hanging of Posters/Flyers in Buildings - There is some concern on campus that hanging posters/flyers on the walls in some buildings causes damage to the walls.  The Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management was asked to draft a policy relating to this issue.


Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM)
Enrollment Projection Proposal, Fall 2001-Fall 2005 - The DRAFT Enrollment Projection Proposal submitted by SAEM recommends an increase in the undergraduate student body from its current size of 1,322 to 1,950 by the Fall 2005 semester.  The current proposal deals only with the undergraduate student body, holding the size of the graduate programs constant at 550 students. SAEM pointed out that graduate program enrollment projections could be amended depending on the outcome of the Urban Center Review Committee's report and subsequent actions taken by the University. President Nelson stressed the need to place high emphasis on commuting students if Lincoln is to realize the projected enrollment goals and asked that this be included in the proposal.

Admissions Statistics - Data as of January 19, 2001
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 2001 ------------------------------------ 812
"          ''                          "              " Fall 2000----------------------------------1233
# admitted for Fall 2001------------------------------------------------------------88
"      "            " Fall 2000----------------------------------------------------------138
# deposits paid for Fall 2001--------------------------------------------------------0
"       "          "     "  Fall 2000--------------------------------------------------------2

# of Graduate applications for Fall 2001--------------------------------------------23
 # of Graduates admitted for Fall 2001-----------------------------------------------5

Academic Affairs
Proposed IMC/IT Merge - The Technology Task Force conducted dialogue online by way of email concerning the pros and cons of placing the Instructional Media Center (IMC) under the office of Management Information Systems (MIS).  A report of the "Reviews and Recommendations" was submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Vice President SubbaRao will convene a meeting of the Task Force to discuss this subject further.

Nottingham Academy - Based on the recommendations of the Deans, following their visit to the Nottingham Academy, the Division of Academic Affairs will work on a proposal for collaboration with Nottingham Academy. The proposal will include exchange and program development, which would prove to be beneficial to all constituencies of the two institutions.


Oxford Wrestling Tournament - This tournament will be held on Lincoln 's campus February 10, 2001.

Lincoln University/Herr Foods Inc. MLK Celebration - President Nelson reported that this was an excellent event, which was well received by those in attendance.  Lincoln's students performed very well.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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