President’s Cabinet Meeting
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
11:00 a.m.

ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Dean John O. Chikwem, Dean Gladys J. Willis, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas, and Ms. Diane M. Brown. 
Cabinet meeting minutes of January 11, 2011 were approved.
Student Assessment – President Nelson and Cabinet established the following timeline/tasks to ensure that Lincoln University has achieved and can sustain ongoing compliance with Middle States Standard 14; and that the Lincoln University student has been academically prepared for entering graduate or professional school or capable of being fast-tracked in the workplace.
January 21, 2011 Student Learning Assessment Plans for 19 programs ready for spring 2011 assessment cycle – at least one program from each department
January 21, 2011 Submit to President Nelson, letters signed by the department faculty certifying that Assessment Plans are ready for each of the above referenced programs
Immediately Begin to work on Student Learning Assessment Plans for remaining programs for implementation in August 2011 for the fall 2011 assessment cycle
Once every two weeks Faculty members meet to develop/review above referenced Assessment Plans and certify by letter to their respective Dean that they have done so
March 1, 2011 Draft Assessment Plans under development must be submitted to the respective Dean
April 30, 2011 Spring 2011 Student Learning Assessment Reports completed for 19 programs in spring 2011 assessment cycle
April 30, 2011 Student Learning Assessment Plans for all programs (35) ready for the fall 2011 assessment cycle

A review will be undertaken of any programs not prepared for the fall 2011 assessment cycle.

There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 12:00 p.m.
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