President's Cabinet Meeting

January 18, 2000

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Mr. John Willis, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Physical Plant Issues - Mr. John Willis discussed the status of DEP/EPA issues, L & I deficiencies and capital budget projects.  The University continues to address the DEP/EPA issues and L&I deficiencies.  President Nelson again expressed concern over the lack of movement in capital budget projects.  Mr. Willis indicated that the schedule was not up to date and that some progress has been made in a few areas.   An updated schedule will be provided for his next presentation to the Cabinet.  A major hold up in these projects is the lack of personnel to write up the scope of work orders so contracts can be awarded.  Mr. Willis was given authorization to secure a consultant to develop a scope of work for the work that needs to be done on the library.  A budget of up to $5,000.00 will be allowed for this purpose.  He was also asked to identify other projects that can be grouped together so that scope of work orders can be done.  Mr. Willis is to work toward getting as many capital budget projects as possible under contract before the end of the fiscal year.

Vice President Winchester expressed concern over where the $2,000 needed to complete the security measures for the African Art collection would come from.  He was instructed to submit a purchase request and indicate where the dollars were to come from in the academic capital budget.

Report from Committee on Academic Standing, Admissions and Financial Aid (Fall/99) - The Committee reported a total of 22 students dismissed, 48 students suspended, and 117 students placed on probation.  Vice President Winchester indicated that these numbers might change slightly as reviews are still underway.

Private Gifts and Grants July 1, 1999 through January 7, 2000 - Vice President Fairbanks reported a total of $3,331,340.00 in gifts and grants.  This included $454,318.00 cash-in-hand; $2,147,000.00 in secured pledges ($1,790,000 of this amount is deferred giving that will be executed upon the death of the donor); and $730,022.00 "In-Kind" contributions.  The goal for fiscal year 99-00 is $6,087,000.00.

521 Management Group, Inc. - President Nelson, Vice President Fairbanks and Mr. Sam Pressley, Director of Communications, met recently with our government consultants concerning the status of their activities.  The consultants are optimistic that the $1.5 million funding for technology will be included as a special line item in the university's budget.  A letter has been sent to Rep. Dwight Evans requesting his assistance in identifying funding sources and accessing $250,00 for a comprehensive physical audit of the university's buildings. 521 Management is looking into the possibility of the PA Black Caucus holding their legislative retreat on Lincoln's campus.  They also indicated that they would like to see Lincoln students and the Political Science department involved in the Republican National Convention this summer.  Vice President Fairbanks has spoken to Dr. Briscoe concerning this and will follow up with 521 Management Group.

Vice President Fairbanks was asked to follow up with the consultants regarding the status of a letter requesting an increase in LU's appropriation which Senators Tilghman & Thompson are supporting.

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment Training - The University's policy was distributed to managers and supervisors present at the January 14, 2000 training session.  Training for all employees will be held January 21, 2000.  Cabinet members were asked to encourage all employees to attend, including those managers and supervisors who did not attend the special training on the 14th.

Admissions - The Cabinet was given reports on "All New Pennsylvania Students by Year" for the years 1995 through 1999.  President Nelson will be meeting with Admissions personnel and Vice President Hence to discuss recruitment focus and efforts in Pennsylvania.


Fiscal Affairs
Vice President McCusker is working on a policy/resolution on spending limits for the endowment.  He would like to be able to present this to the Board at its February meeting.

A "Budget Modification Form" was presented to the Cabinet for approval.  It will be distributed to the campus for use once the recommended revision is made.

Academic Affairs
Vice President Winchester indicated that progress has been made on the University Catalogue and questioned whether publication should be delayed until after the adoption of the University's new vision, mission and philosophy statements.  President Nelson indicated that it is important for the University to have an up-to-date Catalogue and Dr. Winchester should move forward with its publication.

In light of the fact that a Faculty Honors Convocation has not been scheduled for this academic year, the Lindback Teaching Award will be presented at Commencement.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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