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  Lincoln 3-2 Pre-Engineering program offers students the opportunity of earning two degrees in 5 years. The students will spend 3 years at Lincoln University. After meeting the requirements at Lincoln University, they would transfer to a Engineering School and study there for 2 years. When a student meets the requirement for a degree from the Engineering school, he/she will receive 2 degrees one in Engineering from the Engineering school and the other in Physics from Lincoln University. In the past students have gone to these schools and successfully completed their dual degree programs.
    1 Drexel University
    2 Howard University
    3 Leigh High University
    4 New Jersey Institute of Technology
    5 City College of New York
    6 Penn State University
    7 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    8 University of Delaware
    9 Morgan State University
    10 Cornell University
  We have formal agreements with some of these schools