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PHY 311 Analytical Mechanics 3 Credits
This course introduces students to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics.
Pre-requisite: PHY 211

PHY 342 Electromagnetic Theory 3 Credits
Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic radiation, propagation in free space and wave guides, magnetic properties of matter.
Pre-requisite: PHY 341

PHY 343 Electronics 3 Credits
Introduction to analog and digital electronics with emphasis on semi-conductors and their applications.
Pre-requisite: PHY 341

PHY 431 Statistical Mechanics 3 Credits
Integrated treatment of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, entropy, elementary probability theory, partition function, free energy, phase equilibrium, ideal quantum gases.
Pre-requisite: PHY 331

PHY 451 Quantum Mechanics I 4 Credits
This course covers basic principles of quantum mechanics with applications to one dimensional problems, harmonic oscillator, hydrogen-like atoms and introduction to atomic spectra.
Pre-requisite PHY 211, PHY 251, MAT 222

PHY 452 Quantum Mechanics II 4 Credits
This course covers more advanced topics in quantum mechanics including, angular momentum, spin, scattering theory and relativistic quantum mechanics.
Pre-requisite PHY 451, MAT 222

PHY 461 Material Science 4 Credits
This course covers selected topics in structure of solids, elastic properties, strength of material, phonons and vibrations, liquid crystals.
Pre-requisite PHY 451

PHY 481 Astrophysics 4 Credits
This course covers selected topics in Astrophysics with particular emphasis on stellar evolution and physics of stars.
Pre-requisite PHY 342, PHY 431

PHY 491 Advanced Physics Lab 4 Credits
This course covers some selected advanced physics experiments performed as projects
Pre-requisite PHY 391

PHY 492 Senior Research 4 Credits
Research performed by students under faculty supervision.

PHY 493 Selected Topics in Physics 4 Credits
This course covers selected topics from contemporary Physics selected by faculty.