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Success Stories
Many alumni of Physics Department have great success stories to tell. After leaving Lincoln, some of them went to graduate schools to earn M.S. and Ph. D. degrees. Others went to engineering and other professional schools. A few of the success stories are narrated below.

George Jenkins

Research Physics, Penn State University
Ph. D. Atmospheric Physics, Michigan State University

"Lincoln was great for me."

Lee Johnson

Medical Research ,
Ph. D. Bio-Medical Engineering, John Hopkins University

"Lincoln really helped me to excel."

Ralph Cumming

Research Engineer
University of IllinoisPh. D. Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

"Lincoln gave me just the start I needed."

Tabbetha Dobbins

Material Scientist
Ph. D. Material Science, Penn State University

"Without Lincoln I am not sure if I would have made it."
Cheris Carney

Government Attorney National Science Foundation
LLA, Harvard University

"I just loved my time at Lincoln."


Adrian Knight

B.S. Physics 1999 from Lincoln
Radar Systems Engineer
Lockheed Martin
Currnetly in Nagasaki, Japan


Krystaufeux Williams



B.S. Physics 2001 from Lincoln
Graduate student at Delaware State University
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