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Department of Philosophy & Religion


Mel Leaman, D. D., Assistant Professor
Ext. 7296, Dickey Hall 218

Introduction to Religion: Fall 2012
Rel. 200.01 -  T/R - {1:00-2:20} Syllabus

Introduction to Religion: Fall 2012
Rel. 200.02 -  M/W - {4:00-5:20} Syllabus
The Study of Religion
African Traditional
Definition of Religion and the Five C’s  
A Definition of Religion The Yoruba Creation Myth
The Origin of Religion: Revelation or Imagination African Peoples Map
Religious Pluralism and Diversity
Religious Diversity Claims and Critiques
The "Trance Dance"
Too Darned Orderly Spirit World
Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents The Meaning of Marriage
Final Exam Study Sheet  
Introduction to Religion Final Exam Essays  
The River and the Clouds Seeing the Divine
Please Call Me by My True Names  
Ajahn Sumedho on Attachment  
The Rebel Saint  
The Eight-Fold Path  
The Other Jesus
Newsweek, March 27, 2000
An Outline of Pre-Islamic History
Why do Jews reject Jesus?
Why was Jesus killed?
Timeline of Christian History
The Denominational Tree of the Christian Church
Muhammad: From Mecca to Medina
“The Warner”
SAMPLE TEST: Use this to study for the Spring REL 200 midterm

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