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Department of Philosophy & Religion
Ashmun Discussions

Mel Leaman, D. D., Assistant Professor
Ext. 3296, Dickey Hall 218


It happened in the Fall of 2003, in the student cafeteria, with a tape in hand and it was done by Dr. Leaman and Dr. Venerable. They both were eating with different groups of students that day. Dr. Leaman passed Dr. Grant's table and mentioned a tape that he had seen entitled "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero." Dr. Venerable asked to view it. A week after the viewing of the tape they came to a mutual decision to provide an opportunity for professors to get together informally to discuss topics of pertinence. This agreement led to the birth of the Ashmun Discussions.

Topics and Presenters 2003
"Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero" - Dr. Leaman
"Affirmative Action" - Dr. Flint
The Courage to Teach (selected) and issues related to the resocialization of Lincoln Students - Dr. Joseph and Dr. Stine
Various articles identifiying the ways other universities are approaching issues of college life and resocialization; ways to enhance Lincoln's educational environment and student-faculty relationships - Dr. Jean White-Butler
"The Pursuit of Truth is Inherently Disruptive and anti-Authoritarian" - Dr. Babatunde
Chapter IV entitled, "Knowing in Community: Joined by the Grace of Great Things" source: The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life
by Parker J. Palmer





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