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Pre-Master's Program in Writing and Critical Thinking


Prior to beginning the Master of Human Services (MHS) Program, students may be required to improve their academic skills by participating in the Pre-Master's Program. There, they will receive intensive instruction and practice in writing and grammar, as well as basic word processing skills.

Students enroll in one of three options:

  • Option I (fall and spring semesters): 12 credits
  • Option II (spring semester only): 8 credits
  • Option III (summer semester only): 6 credits

Pre-Master's students earn undergraduate credits; classes do not fulfill MHS Program requirements.

Student Learner Outcomes

Goal: Students who successfully complete the Pre-master’s Program will demonstrate the critical thinking and communication skills required for beginning graduate-level academic work.

Students completing the Pre-master’s Program successfully will be able to

  • compose short essays on academic topics that contain no pattern of basic grammar error and demonstrate a mastery of the general organizational and stylistic conventions of academic writing, including the ability to incorporate information from outside sources accurately and appropriately;

  • read academic publications with an understanding of purpose, content, structure and potential bias;

  • demonstrate themselves to be reflective, independent learners who can work effectively in peer groups to construct, compare, contrast and refine information while exercising respect for others, independent thinking, fair-mindedness and an openness to new ideas;

  • use technology efficiently to find, retrieve, produce, and present information.

General Description of Courses:

Designed specifically for adults, classes are held on Saturday or weeknights and taught by senior MHS faculty members. Class size is limited, to permit maximum individualized attention.

In the writing component of the Pre-Master's curriculum, students strengthen their grammar and organizational skills by practicing a variety of work- and academic-related writing tasks in a computer laboratory setting. The computer component enables students to do the extensive writing and revision required while also learning practical word processing and multimedia applications.

The critical thinking component enables students to refine their analytical skills through critical reading of social science texts. Students practice expressing their point of view in carefully-reasoned, well-supported written and oral arguments, skills essential to both professional and academic achievement.

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