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The Writing Process

If you are having writing problems, it may be that you are short-changing--or skipping completely-- one or more of the steps in that process.

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Think back on the last paper you wrote.  Did you

> Spend enough time GATHERING IDEAS?

> Decide on a clear THESIS for your paper?

> Put your ideas in some sort of logical ORDER ?

> Write or type a first ROUGH DRAFT as quickly as possible, without worrying about whether you found the absolute right word or phrasing?

> Let some time pass between writing the rough draft and editing the draft?

> Spend enough time EDITING for the "big picture" ?

> Revise next looking at matters of GRAMMAR and STYLE?

> PROOFREAD carefully for mechanics like formatting, spelling, and frequently confused words that the spell check won't find (like "there" vs. "their")?

Missing any of these steps could affect the final product.  Remember:  Writing is a process, not just a once-and-done act. 

Trust the process!!

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