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Verb Formation, Verb Tense

How does the verb system work?

English has two kinds of verbs, regular  and irregular.

Present Tense

Both regular and irregular verbs act the same way in the present tense. The main thing to watch for in present tense verbs is whether you need an  -s ending (singular).

Singular Plural
REGULAR                         IRREGULAR

I  place                                 I write

you place                             you write

she/ he/ it/ Mary places      she/ he/ it/ Mary writes


we place            we write

you place           you write

they place          they write

Past Tenses

Regular and irregular verbs act differently in the past tenses.  Regular verbs form the past tenses just by adding -ed.  Irregular verbs change in ways other than adding -ed.

Regular Irregular
Infinitive            TO PLACE

Past Tense        placed

Past Participle has/have/had  placed

Infinitive              TO WRITE

Past Tense           wrote

Past Participle     has/have/had  written

What causes verb formation and verb tense problems?

How can I check for verb formation and verb tense problems? How do I fix verb formation and verb tense problems?

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