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Can we help you with a writing problem that you and your class instructor haven't been able to solve?instructor

To work on a problem area with an online writing instructor,

BEFORE you email us, though, please read through the following directions on how to use this writing assistance system most effectively.

    NOTE: The on-line writing assistance described below is available to first-year MHS students only, that is, to MHS students currently in Competency Units I or II.

  1. Writing help will be provided through D2L's GAS email only. This is necessary for our record-keeping and to help us standardize the procedure. Please do NOT email from your home or work email account.

  2. To use this resource, you must be referred by the faculty member who assigned the paper or project you are having trouble with. We will check with the faculty member to confirm the referral before responding.

  3. You must include the following information in your email:
    • Course name
    • Name of the instructor who referred you
    • Description of assignment
    • Whether this is a first or later draft
    • When final paper is due, and --most importantly--
    • The specific issue for which you are seeking help.

  4. The discussion that follows may occur either via email or online chat. If you have a preference, please indicate that in your initial email. At the teacher's discretion, follow-up face-to-face or telephone conferences may also occur.

  5. Plan ahead! Please don't contact us the night before a paper is due and hope to solve all problems immediately. Our goal is to get back to you within 24 hours, but most issues will take more than one contact, so give yourself--and us--enough time to work things out successfully.

  6. For short questions--ones that just require a quick answer, not extended conversation--use the ASK A QUESTION option available to all Lincoln's graduate students.