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Using Track Changes for Editing

In Microsoft Word, open the document you want to revise.

On the Tools menu, click Track Changes.

When the Track Changes feature is turned on, the letters TRK appear on the status bar, the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen that displays information about the current document like page and column number. When you turn off or disable "track changes," TRK is dimmed.

Make the changes you want by inserting, deleting, or moving text or graphics. You can also change formatting.

All changes will show as cross outs, colored inserts, etc.

Here is the original sentence before editing.


Here is the original new sentence before after editing.

(Deletions are marked by cross-outs, insertions by colored font.)

"Track changes" offers you a good way to keep track of different drafts without losing any of the original wording and formatting, as long as you save each newly edited version with a different name. It also is a good tool in peer review, allowing the original author to see clearly what changes reviewers are suggesting, and it is a good way to do collaborative writing, since the contributions from different people will show up in different colors when "track changes" is on.

View Demonstration of Track Changes