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Creating Tables and Charts in Microsoft Word 2003

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To Create the Table Pictured Above

1.  Create the blank table.

A table with 2 vertical columns and 6 horizontal rows will appear on your paper.

2.  Type in the words and numbers as they appear on your printed example. 

Note:  To move from "cell" to "cell" in the table, you can use the mouse or the TAB key.

3.  Shade the first row in gray,

4.  Boldface the headings in the top row by selecting them and then clicking on B on the toolbar.

5.  Center the numbers in the second column by selecting them and then clicking on “Center” button on the toolbar.

And that's all there is to it! 

NOTE: If you want to add or delete rows or columns after the table has been drawn, just click at the appropriate place within the table, then click on TABLE on the menu bar and select either “Delete” or “Insert” from the options there.)


To Create the Following Chart from the Microsoft Word Table Above


  1. Create the table as directed above, with text labels in the top row and left column, and numbers in the other cells.  (See Microsoft Graph Help if you need assistance.)

  2. Click somewhere in the table.

  3. From the TABLE menu at the top of your screen, point to “Select” and then click “Table.” The table will be highlighted, showing that it has been selected.

  4. From the INSERT menu, click “Object,” and then click the “Create New” tab.

  5. In the “Object type” box, click “Microsoft graph chart.” A vertical bar graph corresponding to the table contents will appear on your paper.

  6. To move the legend from the right side to the left side: Right click on the horizontal box (containing the words filing, bathing, programs, etc.).  Left click on “format legend” in the menu that appears.  Click on “left” to place the legend box on the left side of the graph.  Click OK.

  7. To move the graph around on the page, first click somewhere outside of the graph and then click back on the graph to select it (the square sizing boxes will appear around it).  Then, right click to open the menu, left click on Format Object, left click on the “Layout”, left click on “Square.”  Now you can drag the chart around on the page to whatever location you wish.

  8. To put a solid line around the graph, right click on the graph to open menu,  left click on “Format Object,” left click on the “colors and lines” tab, left click on the upside-down triangle beside Color, click on the black square, and then OK.