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Practice Avoiding Fragments, Run-ons and Comma Splices

Need some additional practice avoiding fragments, run-ons or comma splices? Any of the websites below can provide you with some useful practice exercises and quizzes, and practice, as you know, makes perfect..

> Exercise Central, from Bedford St. Martins.  (Must registrar for first use, but well worth the extra step.)

> From the BBC, Skillswise Words: Factsheet, self-scoring quizzes and even games: how many happy faces can you win?

> Commas vs. semicolons: Which to Choose?  Practice with this interactive quiz from Purdue's OWL.

> Tired of just reading about semicolons?  Download Grammar Girl's podcast and listen to your heart's delight.

> Tired of listening?  View a PowerPoint presentation or movie clip on semicolons and colons.