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Ask a Question: Grammar/Writing Hotline

computerNeed a quick answer to a writing, grammar, or APA question that you haven't been able to figure out by yourself?

EMAIL US, and we'll try to help. Our goal is to answer your question no later than 24 hours from the time you post your question.

Examples of APPROPRIATE questions for the hotline:

  • In my work history, do I capitalize the word "counselor" in this sentence: "Next, I took a position as counselor at an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center."

  • What punctuation do I use before HOWEVER in this kind of sentence--a semicolon or a comma: "I hope to start my own agency however I will need a graduate degree first."

  • When there is more than one author, do I use AND or & to join the names in a reference citation?

Examples of INAPPROPRIATE questions for the hotline:

  • Help. I don't understand punctuation rules?

  • Could you explain APA reference lists?

  • I'm having a bad case of writer's block. Help!

Please note:

  1. If your problem is not something easily discussed in a quick email, consider using the TALK WITH A TEACHER option instead.

  2. The more clearly and concisely you word your question, the better chance you have of getting the answer you need.

  3. Show the context for your question: include the specific sentence/phrase that you're having trouble with.