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To Add a Hypertext Link to the Web to a PowerPoint Slide

  1. Decide what text you want to use for the link

  2. Select (highlight) the text

Example:  If you wanted to make “Lincoln University Master of Human Services” a hyperlink that connects people to the Lincoln University homepage, you would select the underlined words in the following sentence:  The Lincoln University Master of Human Services Program offers a non-traditional graduate program for people working in human services.

  1. Next, click on INSERT > hyperlink. An "Insert Hyperlink" dialogue box opens.

  2. Type the URL in the box that prompts you for “file or Web page name” then click OK. [For the example above, you would type www.lincoln.edu, which is Lincoln’s web address.]  This inserts the link into your slide.

NOTE: If you don't know the web address or don't want to have to type in a long URL, click on the "Search the Web" button in the "Insert Hyperlink" dialogue box, navigate to find the webpage in the web browser that opens up, and the URL is automatically inserted in the address box. Click OK

  1. Click on SlideShow view (button at bottom left of monitor) and click on the link to try it out.