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Policy on Incomplete Grades

The faculty of the Master of Human Services Program is aware that from time-to-time, and on rare occasions, a student will have a medical, family, or other emergency that causes him/her to request an incomplete grade for the semester. These emergencies warranting approval of such a request usually occur towards the end of the semester.

To accommodate these students, the following policy has been established and is effective as of the Spring Semester of 2007.


Any student finding him/herself in an emergency situation that prevents his/her completing all assigned work by the end of the semester can request an incomplete grade from his/her professor. Such request can only be approved for medical, family, or other emergencies and the student must present document of that emergency prior to the approval for the incomplete grade.


The student should obtain a request for incomplete form from the administration. At this time, the student should also present the appropriate documentation to the Administration.  In the event of a confidential matter, the administration will maintain the documentation on file and provide the student with a memo to his/her teacher(s) explaining that the student’s situation makes him/her eligible for the incomplete, providing that all three of the following requirements are met:

  1. Student has attended at least 80% of the classes for the semester in question,
  2. Student has completed at least 50% of the assignments and quizzes for the semester,
  3. Student has a passing grade for the 50% of work and quizzes that have been complete

Once the faculty person has documented the requirements in section 2 above, he/she may complete the request for incomplete form. This form must be completed in total, providing information on the reason that the student has made the request, the amount of work that has been completed and the grade based on current work submitted, the remaining assignments, and the date by which all assignments must be submitted and quizzes taken.


The student is to return the completed request for incomplete form to the Administration prior to the date that grades are due for the semester. The faculty person should advise the student of this date and advise the student about the process for submitting work by that date.

The responsibility for getting the work to the professor lies with the student and the responsibility for reporting the final grade lies with the professor. The final grade should be submitted on the grade change form that can be obtained from the administrative secretary. The secretary will complete information on section, course title and number and student identification or social security number. This form can be emailed to the faculty person who is responsible for completing the information about the reason for the incomplete and the justification for the grade change. This from must be signed by the faculty person and faxed, mailed, or delivered to the administrative secretary prior to the start of classes for the following semester.