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What Letter Grades Mean

Below is a general description of how various grades are interpreted in the MHS Program. Your teachers will provide more specific information.

Grade Grade Description
A paper or report that is outstanding in content and is exceptionally well written. By outstanding, we mean that it not only lucidly presents the major concepts of the course, but also spins off new ideas or reanalyzes them in a unique way. This kind of writing gives evidence that the student has mastered the concepts to the point where he/she can use them to generate new ideas that the faculty may not even have thought of before. The paper also shows mastery of the writing process. Such a paper goes beyond the objectives of the course. Not many papers are likely to receive an A.

No A+ grades are given in the MHS Program.
A paper that is very good. It has all the concepts but lacks some of the uniqueness and depth of understanding that characterizes an "A" paper and thus falls short of excellence.
A paper that meets all the objectives of the course and just a little more. Writing mechanics are good; writing style is adequate.
A paper in which the student has done everything that is required. The content reflects the major objectives of the course. It follows the outline provided. It is written adequately and contains only an occasional writing error.
This paper is deficient in content with missing or incomplete concepts and interrelationships and has more than several persistent writing errors. This grade is a signal to a student that he/she cannot complete the MHS degree with this quality of work.
C+ and lower
A paper that is flawed in content and/or writing and fails to meet the standards of graduate-level work.