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To Create Drawings in Microsoft Word 2003

sample drawing




Follow the directions below to create this simple Word drawing. Once you learn how to make different shapes, insert text, draw lines and group/ungroup items and change sizes, you are ready to make whatever sort of drawing your teacher might request.


A.  Draw the circles
  1. Look for the drawing toolbar at the bottom of your screen. If the drawing toolbar (at the bottom of the screen with the words Draw and AutoShapes and various lines and colors) is not showing, turn it on by clicking on VIEW in the menu, then “Toolbars”  and then “Drawing.”)

  2. Click on the picture of the oval on the Drawing toolbar. Then click anywhere on the screen.  A circle will appear. Hold down the SHIFT key and click on one of the corner sizing boxes around the circle, and drag the mouse to make the circle the size you want.  (If your new circle is too big or too small, you can undo the size change by clicking the UNDO arrow at the top and then try again.)

  3. Copy this circle by clicking on EDIT > copy.

  4. Paste three more circles ( Edit > paste).  Your circles will look something like this. 

  5. Select each circle in turn, by clicking on it until the little boxes appear around it.  Once it is selected, you can move it around by positioning the  mouse so that the cursor turns into crossed arrows.  Then click and drag to move the shape around to the position you want.
B.  Put the labels in
  1. Right-click on the circle.

  2. Click on “insert text.”  Type "work.”  Highlight the word “work” and then change font size to 16 and boldface.  

  3. Then follow the same steps to fill in the other circles.
C.  Draw the arrows
  1. Click on Autoshapes on the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click on “lines” and then click on the two-headed arrow.

  3. Click on the screen where you want the arrow to start, hold the mouse button down, and drag the mouse to where you want arrow to end. 

Note:  After they are drawn, you can re-size and move arrows or lines just as you can pictures.

D. Draw the lines
  1. Click on the straight line on the drawing toolbar (to the right of the word “autoshapes’). 

  2. Then click on the screen where you want the line to start, hold the mouse button down, and drag the mouse to where you want the line to end.

  3. To change the appearance of the line, select the line and then click on the “line style” button on the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen. 

  4. Click on “more lines”, click on “dashed” and select the style you want.
E.  Group all the shapes into one object
  1. Click on one of the circles. 

  2. Continuing to hold down the Shift key, select each of the circles, arrows and lines in turn.

  3. Click on “Draw” on the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the page, then on “Group.”  Sizing boxes will appear around the entire object showing that it is now one figure, and you can resize or move it around while keeping all the parts in the right proportions.