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Using Lincoln's Academic Databases

  1. Go to Lincoln’s homepage:  http://www.lincoln.edu

  2. Click on LIBRARY from the menu on the left side of the page.

  3. Click on “Graduate Student Page” (top right, underneath the words “Welcome to the Langston Hughes Memorial Library”)

  4. Click on “Databases Available from Home.”

  5. If you are not working on a Graduate Center computer, you will need to log in with your Lincoln log-in number.  That number is connected to your Lincoln ID.  Call Lincoln’s library (484-365-7367) during regular working hours if you do not know what your LionCard ID number is.

  6. The databases most useful to you will probably be EBSCOHost, Lexis/Nexis and PsychAbstracts, but look around through all of them to see what you can find.

  7. After clicking on the Library database of your choice you will see a log-in request screen. It looks like this.

database signin


  1. The only box Lincoln University users need to use is the one on the left (see picture below).  Enter your log-in number in the box and click "log-in." Just numbers are to be entered into the Log-in box, no spaces, no dashes.