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To Copy or Paste Text from the Web to a Word or Powerpoint Document

  1. Open the  document into which you want to copy some text.

  2. Minimize the document.

  3. Go to the Website and select (highlight) the text you want to copy. 

  4. Right click and choose COPY from the menu that opens.

  5. Maximize the document that you want to paste this information into by clicking on its name at the bottom of the screen.

  6. When the Word or PowerPoint page is showing, click where you want to insert the copied Web material, and then right-click.

  7. Choose PASTE from the menu that opens.

  8. The copied material will appear on the page. Change font and style and color as needed.

Note: If you want to paste just the words, stripped of their formatting, choose EDIT from the menu line and then Paste Special > Unformatted text, rather than just "Paste."