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The Internet contains a wealth of material for students who want to improve their general academic skills, tips on such issues as developing good study skills, overcoming test anxiety, taking effective notes, improving reading speed and comprehension, and understanding how to work best according to a preferred learning style.

If you find yourself having trouble in any of these areas, check out some of the websites listed below. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we've just provided links to some of the most helpful sites. The titles are self-explanatory, so check out any that seem to address your problems and needs.

Study Skills

Use your syllabus: Tips on how you can make the information in your course syllabus to plan for success.

SQ3R and other Study Techniques

7 Active Learning Techniques

Turning Mountains into Molehills

Test Anxiety

You're Not Alone

Improving Your Memory

More Tips for Improving Your Memory

Positive Thinking

Test Taking Strategies: Before, During, After

Ten Commandments of Test Taking

Specific Suggestions for Taking Essay Tests, Multiple-choice quizzes, etc.

Still More Links to Advice from Colleges in the US and Canada

Taking Notes

Test Your Note-taking Skills

The Cornell Method of Note-taking

Note Taking Systems

The Why, When and How of Note-taking

The 5 R's of Note-taking

Editing Your Notes

Mapping Rather than Writing

The Importance of Listening

Listening vs. Hearing

Make the Connection

What To Do When Instructors Talk Too Fast

Reading for Comprehension

Why College Reading Is Different

Active Reading Checklist

Remembering What You Read

Techniques for Skillful Reading

Reading Better and Faster

Reading Scholarly Literature

How You Learn: Identifying and Understanding Your Learning Preferences

Learning Style Survey

24-Question Learning Style Inventory

Learning Strategies for Different Learning Styles

Enhancing Your Learning Preferences

Right Brain/Left Brain

4 Styles, More Strategies

Making Your Learning Style Work for You

Still looking for more?

Try this page, with additional links to resources for preparing to learn, studying, classroom participation, reading skills, writing skills, math skills, test-taking skills, and web navigation skills.