Group Project Grading Rubric


1 point

2 Points

Intermediate: 3 points

4 points

Self Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation


Includes little essential information and one or two facts

Includes some essential   information with few citations and few facts.

Includes essential information with most sources properly cited. Includes enough elaboration to give readers an understanding of the topic.

Covers topic completely and in depth. Includes properly cited sources and complete information. Encourages readers to know more.



Technical Requirements

Includes ___ cards or less, few graphics from outside sources, few animations and advanced features.

Includes ___ cards or less, fewer than 3 graphics from outside sources, fewer than 3 animations and few advanced features, such as video, 3-D, or sound.

Includes at least ___ cards, at least 3 graphics from outside sources, at least 3 animations and some advanced features, such as video.

Includes at least ___ cards, 5 or more graphics from outside sources, 5 or more animations and several advanced features, such as video.




Includes more than 5 grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation errors, etc.

Includes 3-4 grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation errors, etc.

Includes 2-3 grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation errors, etc.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization are correct. No errors in the text.



Cooperative Group Work

Cannot work with others in most situations.  Cannot share decisions or responsibilities.

Works with others, but has difficulty sharing decisions and responsibilities.

Works well with others. Takes part in most decisions and contributes fair share to group.

Works well with others. Assumes a clear role and related responsibilities. Motivates others to do their best.



Oral Presentation Skills

Great difficulty communicating ideas.  Poor voice projection.   Little preparation or incomplete work.

Some difficulty communicating ideas, due to voice projection, lack of preparation, or incomplete work

Communicates ideas with proper voice projection. Adequate preparation and delivery.

Communicates ideas with enthusiasm, proper voice projection, appropriate language, and clear delivery.



 Scale: 4.0=Expert            3.7=Intermediate               3.3=Novice       3.0=Beginner

Total Points