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Using Email in D2L

Sending Mail in D2L
  1. Click on e-mail on the blue menu at the side of the screen (underneath the Lincoln logo).

  2. You will see your folder list, opened to your Email Inbox.

  3. Click Compose. The Compose New Message screen appears in a new browser window.

  4. Click Address Book (top left.) This opens a list of names and email address. Choose the name (or names) you want to send your email to and then click TO (from the options TO, CC, and BCC at the top of the name/address list.)

  5. The name(s) you selected will show at the top in the TO box. When the correct name(s) are showing, click ADD RECIPIENTS (bottom right corner of the window.)

  6. This takes you back to the Compose New Message screen, with the TO line filled in.

  7. In the Subject text box, type your subject.

  8.  In the Message text box, type your message.

  9. If you do not wish to attach any files and are ready to send your message, click on the Send button at the bottom right.

  10. The e-mail message will be sent and a copy placed in your Sent Mail folder.

(TIP: A shortcut for sending email to students or the instructor in your individual section is to go to CLASSLIST on the menu line of your D2L course, and then click the name of the person you want to email.)

Attaching a File to an E-Mail Message
  1. Compose your e-mail message as described above, steps 1 -8. The attach the file.

  2. Attaching a file is a two-step process:  first you BROWSE for the file (= locate it on your computer), then you ATTACH it.

  3. Underneath the e-mail message box is an empty box labeled Attachments. Click the Browse button to the right of that box to search your computer ("My Documents",  removable drive, etc.) for the file you want to attach .

  4. When you locate the file, click the filename to select it and then click the Open button at the bottom right, just as you would to open a file that you want to bring to your computer screen. 

  5. You will now see the filename in the Attachments box.

  6. Click ADD. A "Remove" link appears beside the file, and a new box opens below in case you want to add another file.

  7. You now haave the option of removing the attachment (in case you accidentally attached the wrong file) by clicking REMOVE, or adding a second attachment (by repeating steps 3 - 6 above, or sending the email message and file as is..

  8. To send the message, click on the SEND button at the bottom right. The message and attachment will be sent, and a copy placed in your Sent Mail folder.

  9. A quick way to make sure you attached the file successfully is to check your SENT MAIL folder. If there is a paperclip icon beside the messge, you know that a file was attached..