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Administrative Staff

James Wadley, Ph.D



Master of Human Services Program


Jernice Lea, M.A.

Director, Graduate Student Services and Admissions
phone: 215-590-8231


Shirley Quillin

Office Manager
phone: 215-590-8232


Full-time Faculty

Malcolm Bonner, Ph.D.

Szabi Ishtai-Zee, Ph.D 

Vivian Price, Ph.D.

Virginia Smith, Ph.D. 

Linda Stine, Ph.D.

James Wadley, Ph.D.

Frank Worts, MSW



Meet the MHS Faculty:

Faculty Bio-Sketches



Adjunct Faculty 2012-2013

Nancy Bancroft, Ph.D.

Rafaela Bermudez 

Harold Carter, Ph.D. 

Solomon Caudle, MHS

Valarie Clemmons, MSW

Norwood J. Coleman, M.A. 

Monika Davis, MHS 

Fern Spellman Davis, MSW 

Jeffrey Dyer, M.S.

Fred Feldman, Ph.D 

Charles Golden, MHS

Brian Greineder, Ph.D

Broderick Harper, Ed.D

Ronald Hayes, LPC

Catherine Hence, Ed.D.

Martha Hennington, Ph.D.

Robin Hogan, MHS

Thelma Pruitt Jacks, MSS

George James, LMFT

Nancy Jenkins-Ryons, M.Ed.

Geoffrey Karabin, M.A.

Marsha Lester, MBA

Brad LeVan, MHS

Rosemary Madl-Young, Ph.D.

Gwendolyn Towles-Manning, M.A.

Angela Mosby, Ph.D. 

Rashida Muhammed, MHS

Bryon Noon, Ed.D.

Rebecca L. Olson, Ph.D.

James Peterson, Ph.D. 

Richard O. Sabree, M.A.

Staci Scott, MHS

Raymond Silverman, Ph.D.

Joseph Tarala, M.A.

Phillip Terry, Ph.D.

Sharon Webster, MSW

The Lincoln University
Center for Graduate and Continuing Education Programs
3020 Market St., Philadelphia PA 19104
(215) 387-2405