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Pictures from Spring 2007 EPADEL Conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

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Program Goals

Mathematics | Computer Science

I. Mathematics Program Goals

Program Goal 1 Theory & Content:
  • The Math Program will provide a quality foundation in mathematical theory and content.
Program Goal 2 Experiential Learning:
  • The program will provide a diverse set of applied learning opportunities in Mathematics.
Program Goal 3 Academic & Professional Advising:
  • The Mathematics faculty will provide academic and professional advising.
Program Goal 4 Information Literacy and Computer Technology:
  • The program will provide learning opportunities in information literacy and computer technology.
Program Goal 5 Critical Thinking in Mathematics:
  • The program will provide embedded learning opportunities in critical thinking throughout the mathematics curriculum.
Program Goal 6 Communication in Mathematics:
  • The program will produce graduates with oral and written communication skills in the discipline.
Program Goal 7 Post Graduate Success:
  • The program will produce graduates who can successfully acquire gainful employment or admittance into a graduate or professional program.

II. Mathematics Program Student Learner Outcomes

Student Learner Outcome #1 Research Application:
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out basic research work in the discipline of Mathematics by presenting in oral and written forms
Student Learner Outcome #2 Information and Computer Literacy:
  • Demonstrate effective use of technology tools to support mathematical research and solve mathematical problems.
Student Learner Outcome #3 Statistical Knowledge:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the fundamentals of probability and statistics.
Student Learner Outcome #4 Linear Algebra:
  • Demonstrate mastery of the notions of vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices and their determinants, and applications in solving linear systems.
Program Goal 5 Critical Thinking in Mathematics:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of logical reasoning and critical thinking to construct proofs and solve problems.
Student Learner Outcome #6 Writing in Mathematics:
  • Demonstrate mathematical writing proficiency.
Student Learner Outcome #7 Single and Multivariate Calculus:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in single and multivariate calculus concepts and application.

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