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Pictures from Spring 2007 EPADEL Conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

Pictures from Spring 2007 MSPGP conference

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Program Goals

Mathematics | Computer Science

Computer Science Major Program

I. Program Goals

A variety of employment and graduate study opportunities exist for qualified computer science graduates. The following are the primary goals for the program of the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Lincoln University:
  • To produce graduates who can apply a combination of creativity and logic in problem-solving, complemented with outstanding computer technology skills.

  • To ensure that Lincoln University Computer Science students are academically well-prepared for successful matriculation in graduate programs of study in Computer Science or a related field such as Information Systems.

  • To ensure that Lincoln University Computer Science students are academically well-prepared for gaining employment as Computer Programmers, Software Engineers, and System/ Data Analysts.

II. Program Student Learning Outcomes

After fulfilling the requirements for the B.S. degree in Computer Science curriculum, the students will gain skills in the following categories:

Demonstrate mastery of a minimum of three programming languages such as Visual C++, Java, and Visual BASIC in terms of both grammar and the set of commands. The student's learning will include procedural, object-oriented, event-driven, and GUI/ component-based programming as well as general understanding of formal languages and compilers

Solve problems and analyze algorithms and be able to apply and implement the theories of computation in computers. The students must become skillful in solving mathematics, science, and business problems, and be able to analyze and apply algorithms in solving problems in these and other disciplines.

Read, analyze, organize, and use data. The students must become competent in managing data. This includes, database design and modeling, and using the proper data structures to organize and store data, so that it can be used as information.

Demonstrate mastery of the fundamental concepts of computer organization and fundamentals of computer architecture, mostly from a software developer's point of view. This includes understanding the logical gates, how CPU executes machine instructions, how the operating systems handles multitasking jobs, etc.

Read and write technically and communicate ideas in the discipline.

a) Demonstrate skills in advanced features of commercial computer application software in the areas such as spreadsheets, database, web programming, and computer animation and demonstrate skills in applied computer science.
b) Demonstrate strong mathematical skills and be able to apply it to computer Science.

Please consult with the department chairperson for any program updates or corrections which may not be yet reflected on this site. Also, please forward suggestions about this page to abarimani@lu.lincoln.edu.

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