B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Fall 2006- Fall 2007

Number Name Credit  Semester Grade Prerequisites
  I.   Major Computer Science courses (Required for Computer Science Majors--Total: 33 credits)
Take all of the following
CSC-158 Computer Programming I 3            MAT-103
CSC-159 Computer Programming II 3            CSC-158
CSC-254 Data Structures 3            CSC-159
CSC-353 Computer Org. & Assembly 3            CSC-254
CSC-354 Data Base Management 3            CSC-254
CSC-355 Operating Systems 3            CSC-254
CSC-356 Software Systems 3            CSC-254
CSC-453 Compiler Construction 3            CSC-254 and CSC-353
Take three of the following CSC courses
CSC-357 Computer Architecture 3            CSC-353
CSC-358 Artificial Intelligence 3            CSC-254
CSC-451 Computer Simulations 3            CSC-254
CSC-452 Computer Graphics 3            CSC-254 and MAT-122 and MAT-213
CSC-454 Software Engineering 3            CSC-254
CSC-455 Math & Statistical Software 3            MAT-212 and MAT-313
CSC-456 Operations Research 3            MAT-212
CSC-457 Computer Networks 3            CSC-159
  II.   Minor Emphasis* (Required for Computer Science Majors--Total: 14-15 credits)
Take all of the following
MAT-121 Calculus I 4            MAT-111 or placement
MAT-122 Calculus II 4            MAT-121
MAT-213 Discrete Math 3            MAT-104 or MAT-105
Take one of the following MAT electives
MAT-214 Linear Algebra 3            MAT-122
MAT-221 Calculus III 4            MAT-122
MAT-222 Differential Equations 3            MAT-221
MAT-313 Numerical Methods 3            MAT-122 and CSC-158
  III.   Academic Enrichment Requirement (Required for Computer Science Majors--Total: 3 credits)
Take one of the following
CSC-299 Computer Science Internship 3**             
CSC-498 or 499 Topics in Computer Science I or II 3            Seniors Only
  IV.   Language or Computer Science Requirement
Satisfied by the Major Computer Science courses
Other Requirements for earning a B.S. degree in Computer Science:
  • All Computer Science majors are required to fulfill the general University Core Curriculum Requirements (39-41 Credits) and approved electives amounting to a minimum of 120 credits for graduation with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0.
  • A cumulative departmental G.P.A of 2.0 must be earned and a grade of at least C- is required in all CSC courses (with the exception of CSC-299), with no more than 2 C- grades in CSC courses.
  • For students prior to Fall 2006 only:
           [Please click here to see the curriculum]

* The MAT courses listed above (14-15 credits) are required for Computer Science Majors. An official Department Minor in Mathematics may be completed by taking additional MAT courses (6-10 credits): Linear Algebra, Calculus III and Differential Equation (see the program for a Minor in Mathematics).

** CSC-299 is 1-2 credits, but it may be repeated upon the Department approval. Also the grades for CSC-299 are Pass/Fail format.

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