B.S.  B.A.    Prior to Fall 2006

CORE COURSES (must take ALL)

Number Name Credit  Semester Grade Prerequisites
MAT-121 Calculus I 4          MAT-111 or placement
MAT-122 Calculus II 4          MAT-121
MAT-213 Discrete Math 3          MAT-104 or MAT-105
CSC-158 Computer Programming I 3          MAT-103
CSC-159 Computer Programming II 3          CSC-158
CSC-254 Data Structures 3          CSC-159
CSC-353 Computer Org. & Assembly 3          CSC-254
CSC-354 Data Base Management 3          CSC-254
CSC-355 Operating Systems 3          CSC-254
CSC-356 Software Systems 3          CSC-254
CSC-453 Compiler Construction 3          CSC-254 and CSC-353

MATH ELECTIVES (Any ONE of the following 3 courses)

MAT-214 Linear Algebra 3          MAT-122
MAT-341 Mathematical Statistics I 3          Corequisite:MAT-221
MAT-313* Numerical Methods 3          MAT-122 and CSC-158

C.S. ELECTIVES (Any FOUR of the following courses)

CSC-357 Computer Architecture 3          CSC-353
CSC-358 Artificial Intelligence 3          CSC-254
CSC-451 Computer Simulations 3          CSC-254
CSC-452 Computer Graphics 3          CSC-254 and MAT-122 and MAT-213
CSC-454 Software Engineering 3          CSC-254
CSC-455 Math & Statistical Software 3          MAT-212 and MAT-313
CSC-456 Operations Research 3          MAT-212
CSC-457 Computer Networks 3          CSC-159
CSC-498 or 499 Topics in Computer Science I or II 3          Seniors Only
MAT-313* Numerical Methods 3          MAT-122 and CSC-158

BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS (Any TWO of the following courses)

ECO-201 Macroeconomics 3          MAT-105 and ENG-102
ECO-202 Microeconomics 3          MAT-105 and ENG-102
ECO-203 Accounting I 3          MAT-105 and ENG-102

Science Courses

1 (U-Core) 4           
2 (U-Core) 4           
3 (for B.S.)           
4 (for B.S.)           
*NOTE: If MAT 313 is chosen as a Math Elective, it can not be used as a Computer Science Elective. Also, note that
the university policy on the "two C-" rule would be applied and the university core and other requirements must be fulfilled
as well. Also, please consult with the department chair for any updates that may not yet be reflected on this page.

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