Lincoln University Core Curriculum Comments
  • FYE101 First Year Experience

To be taken first semester of freshman year
 SOCIAL SCIENCES (9 credits)
  • SOS151 African-American Experience, 3 credits-- No prereq
  • Select two of the following courses, 6 credits
    • ECO 201 Macroeconomics or 202 Microeconomics-- Prereq MAT114 & ENG101
    • EDU 150 Education &Society-- No prereq
    • HIS 103 Contemp. World History (or other 100 level HIS)-- Prereq EDU098, ENG099
    • POL 101 American National Government-- Prereq EDU098, ENG099
    • PSY 101 General Psychology-- No prereq
    • SOS 101 Intro to Sociology-- No prereq

 HEALTH & WELLNESS (2-3 credits)
  • HPR 101 Dimensions of Wellness 2 credits
  • [HPR 103 Fitness Walking/ Conditioning 1 credit-- if required]

Freshmen will be tested for BMI & fitness; those who do not meet criteria take HPR 103
 ENGLISH (9 credits)
  • ENG 101 English Composition I-- Prereq ENG099 or placement
  • ENG 102 English Composition II-- Prereq ENG101 or placement
  • ENG 207 or 208 World Lit I or II-- Prereq ENG102

 HUMANITIES (6 credits)
  • ART 200 Intro to Art or MUS 200 Intro to Music-- Prereq ENG101 (English Composition I)
  • PHL 200 Intro to Philosophy or REL 200 Intro to Religion-- Prereq ENG101 (English Composition I)

 MATHEMATICS (3 credits)
  • MAT 106 (Math for Liberal Arts) or higher-- Prereq 099 or placement
    Be sure to consult the major requirements for math.

    Note: Math requirements are determined by the major
    Be sure to consult the major requirements for math

    Computer Science Majors will take math courses specified by their major (different for each concentration)
 NATURAL SCIENCES (7-8 credits)
  • Select two science courses; the following are recommended for non-science majors (1 must include a lab)-- Prereq for all is EDU 097
    • BIO 101/161, BIO 102/162, BIO 200(HIV/AIDS) (or higher)
    • CHE 101 (Introductory Chemistry) (or higher)
    • PHY 101/161, (Elementary Physics) PHY181/1L1 (Astronomy) (or higher)
    • GSC 101/161, GSC 102/162, (Physical Science), GSC111 (Environmental Science)
    Science majors will take courses specified by their major
  • Two consecutive language classes, 8 credits-- Students may test out and get credits for language classes

  • Or
  • Any 2 CSC classes and/ or other computer-based courses approved by MAT/CSC Department (Includes ART102 Intro to Computer Arts & ART 220 Graphics Art, HPR126 Computers for Health Education)
    Note: Some majors have specific requirements or recommendations. Please check departmental recommendations.

    Computer Science Majors: The CSC courses in the major already meet the Language/ CSC requirements

        Students must:
  • Pass the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) administered in ENG101
  • Pass at least four Writing Intensive Courses in the major
  • Complete a successful portfolio in the major, a minimum of four documents approved by the major department
Effective for the class of 2013 and all subsequent classes, this is a graduation requirement.
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