1.       Photo-1 "Photographs of spring 2007".

2.       Photo-1 "Photographs of fall 2007".

3.       0. List of members "LU Group"

4.       I. Agenda "Agenda of seminar I".

5.       I. Groups "Group discussions in seminar I".

6.       I. Jay Pathak, "How Teachers Teach"

7.       I. Helen Major, "How Students Learn"

8.       I. Kenneth Parker, "Some Common Preconceptions About Mathematics"

9.       II. Agenda "Agenda of seminar II".

10.   II. Groups "Group discussions in seminar II".

11.   II. Parker "Some Personal Challenges of Mathematics Instruction".

12.   III. Agenda of seminar III.

13.   III Joanne Deboy "Formative Assessment".

14.   IV Agenda of seminar IV.

15.   IV Dean Dr. Thomas "Motivating Urban Youth to Study Mathematics".

16.   V Agenda of seminar V

17.   V Jay Pathak "My Experiences of Interactive Teaching"

18.   V Kenneth Parker "Strategies Presented During Fall 2007 Lincoln MSPGP Seminars"

19.   V Non-Traditional Strategies Implemented: Dr. Beil, Dr. Sieminski, Dr. Naik

20.   IV Agenda of seminar VI

21.   VI Elizabeth Sieminski, "Russian Research on Mathematics Education"

22.   VI Reginald Myrick, "Classroom Challenges in Teaching Computer Science"

23.   VII Agenda of seminar VII.

24.   VII Helen Major, "The Treisman Model - Interactive Studies for Urban Youth"

25.   VII Kenneth Parker, "Instruction Involving Modeling and Multidisciplinary Approaches"

26.   IHE Jay Pathak "Pedagogy Learning Seminars".

27.   IHE Lincoln MSPGP Report.

28.   IHE Kenneth Parker. "Highlights of 2007".

29.   LU MSPGP poster IHE Poster.

30.   Inductive Teaching - An article.

31.   Mazur, Eric "Confessions of a converted lecturer".

32.   Physics grading exercises.