Thursday, August 19, 2004

National Science Foundation Awards Lincoln $2.4 Million Grant

Lincoln University, PA — which is nationally recognized as a major producer of African Americans with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences, computer and informational sciences, biological and life sciences -- has been awarded a $2.4 million grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grant will further Lincoln's efforts to increase the number of students graduating in science, mathematics, engineering and technology programs.

Starting in September 2004, the University will receive $479,490 each year for the next five years to finance Lincoln's Excellent Academic Program in Science (LEAPS). The program's main goal is to significantly increase the pool of minority students receiving degrees in the sciences and mathematics. With its new funding, LEAPS intends to:

1. Recruit and prepare 48 freshmen each year as science and mathematics majors.
2. Organize a "bridge" program to introduce new students to college math and science courses.
3. Implement advising, mentoring and counseling services for recruited students.
4. Provide tutoring services in science and mathematics.
5. Prepare recruits for research internships, graduate and professional schools.
6. Offer scholarships for eligible students to attend Lincoln.
7. Organize college-credit summer courses in math and science for 60 Philadelphia high school students.

"Lincoln's Excellent Academic Program in Science will help new students to eliminate their deficiencies in math and science, navigate the college experience, help them to succeed at the University, and prepare and encourage them for careers based in mathematics and the sciences," Dr. John O. Chikwem, dean of Lincoln's School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, said.

Besides Dean Chikwem, several other Lincoln faculty members also wrote the proposal for the $2.4 million grant. They are:

  • Dr. Saligrama SubbaRao, professor of chemistry.
  • Dr. Robert Langley, chair, Chemistry Department.
  • Dr. David Royer, chair, Biology Department.
  • Dr. Mazharul Huq, chair, Physics Department.
  • Dr. Goro Nagase, chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department.
  • Dr. Derrick Swinton, associate director, Environmental Science Program.

Dr. Delroy Louden, director of Lincoln’s Office of Research, Development, Planning and Coordination, provided information on monitoring and evaluation. Janis A. Walker, grant officer, facilitated the budget preparation and justification section.


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