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Friday, September 2, 2005

Lincoln Reaches out to Students Affected by Katrina

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, PA --In an effort to lend help to those in need during this time of crisis, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania will be offering tuition free education relief to students from Xavier, Dillard and Southern University of New Orleans, all fellow HBCUs that have been affected by hurricane Katrina. Lincoln is willing to take on and house fifty (50) female students who will not be charged tuition for this semester but will have to pay Room, Board and Fees. Lincoln University will open its doors to an additional 25 students, male or female who are able to commute who will also have tuition waived.  Students interested in taking advantage of this offer must enroll by September 9th as classes began on August 24th. All those interested in taking advantage of this offer please contact the Office of Admissions at 1 800 790 0191.

Contact: Mr. Michael Hill, VP, Development & External Relations or Jonathan Chase, Communications Office (610) 932-1094

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