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Master of Arts in Human Services Administration (MA/HSA)

The Master of Arts in Human Services Administration (MA/HSA) program builds on prior knowledge and experience as it prepares human service practitioners to bring about effective change through a combination of academic and performance-based learning, using a systems approach to research and solve problems at the personal, agency, and community levels.  Our goal is to produce leaders with the skills to administer programs effectively, develop and implement policies efficiently, and manage employees ethically and productively.

The MA/HSA program is designed to produce graduates who will display professional values and ethics in the workplace; demonstrate professional communication and research skills; apply psychological theory effectively to produce individual, organizational, and community growth; and use the principles of systems theory and other social science models to bring about meaningful system change.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must have a BA or BS in Human Services or a related field, such as Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, or Business, with a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA). All students must be employed in a full-time supervisory or managerial position in a human service agency (in special circumstances, an approved intern position) with at least one year of paid work experience.  Applications must include official transcripts for undergraduate courses and a non-refundable application fee.  An in-person interview is also required for admission.

Course Requirements

MA/HSA is a 30-credit program.  Students will be required to take the courses below. Students may elect to take three additional courses (9 credits) in a specialized area of interest (such as Gerontology or Criminal Justice) if they wish to add that concentration to their MA/HSA degree.

Fall Semester HSA 614 Writing Skills for Human Service Practitioners
HSA 711 Professional Ethics
HSA 731 Group Dynamics, Ethical Issues and Systems Analysis of Group Interaction
Spring Semester HSA 722 Theories of Counseling
HSA 743 Social Systems Intervention, Marketing, Managerial Planning and Outcome Assessment
HSA 744 Research I: Action Research
Summer I & II HSA 649 Tools and Models for Human Service Managers
HSA 659 Planning and Effecting Community Change
Fall Semester HSA 753 Social Systems Innovation and Change at the Organizational, Community and Societal Levels
HSA 745 Theory and Practice Integration: Capstone

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