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Ashley Sims
Media Manager
Chief Operator, WWLU

Requesting Media Services

For Broadcast

Use this form for requests to broadcast programs and announcements on WWLU radio and for LU-TV Channel 8.

All request forms are due to the Media Center, SUB 235, at least three days before the announcement or program is to begin airing.

All material for WWLU must be properly licensed and appropriate for broadcast by an FCC-licensed, Non-commerical Educational Radio Station on the public airwaves. If you are in doubt about whether your program or announcement qualifies, please contact Ms. Ashley Sims, Media Manager.

For Recording

Requests for audio and video recording are coordionated by Ms. Nancy Evans, Director of Academic Technology Services. Ms. Evans can be reached at nevans@lincoln.edu and 484-365-8148. For more information see The Academic Technology Services Home Page.

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