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WWLU Radio Show

The Produce Section


WWLU Offers the Freshest In Urban Music with the Produce Section, a new radio show that shines the light on undiscovered talent and independent artists in the region. Every week, hosts Rich Lancaster and Rhys Williams introduce listeners to the newest tunes from upcoming Hip Hop and R&B artists from major cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Lincoln's campus.

The Produce Section is a show for music lovers, which has made it a prime venue for underground artists to promote their productions to Lincoln's urban college community. Each episode features interviews and the latest songs from the week's featured guests. And many artists even give listeners live, in-studio performances to show off their skills.

According to the Produce Section's co-host, Rhys Williams, "Many radio shows do not focus solely on unsigned artists as their main attraction. When you turn on the radio, it is usually a popular artist promoting their music instead of an unsigned artist, so we decided that this show should mainly be about finding talented individuals who are working toward the fame of popular artists."

You can catch Rich and Rhys on the Produce Section by tuning into WWLU 88.7 FM, cable channel 78 on Fridays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

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