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WWLU Radio Show

Society Out Loud


Do you really know what's going on in your society? Get up-to-date by tuning into Society Out Loud, WWLU's original talk format, news program hosted by Khadeem Hughson and Keira May, aka Ms. Kay. This one-of-a-kind show delves into the biggest news stories from around the globe, the nation and the Lincoln community. Every episode is packed with in-depth discussion, candid cross talk and interviews with experts and community leaders.

Society Out Loud encourages listeners to go above and beyond the headline of today's news stories through critical thinking. According to Hughson, the show will encourage students to be more aware of current issues and to develop their own opinions about them.

This team's approach to news, "will resonate with listeners and offer information they can use or consider relevant, so that they will feel like they have been both informed and entertained at the same time," said Hughson.

"Let's Talk K" is a special segment where the hosts invite organizations or guest speakers to share insight on relevant issues or topics that pertain to Lincoln. Ms. Kay says, "The show provides a teaching and learning experience where students will gain interest in news and seek to increase campus tolerance and awareness."

To hear Khadeem and Ms. Kay weigh in on the leading headlines of the day, tune in to Society Out Loud every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30PM, only on WWLU 88.7 FM and cable channel 78.

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