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WWLU Radio Show

#LU After Dark

SUNDAY 11:00AM, 6:00PM

Get ready for #LU After Dark, WWLU.s new radio show that.s all about sexual health and awareness. This unique program covers a range of topics from love and STDs to sexuality and more. Jasmine Jones hosts the WWLU show along with co-hosts Maria Vismale and Kenneth Johnson, and producer Renita Harris.

#LU After Dark encourages Lincoln students and listeners to address some of the private concerns that affect them most. The show.s panel leads heated discussions and invites others to jump in on the conversations. In fact, each episode makes sure to include listener call-ins and guest experts who bring valuable information to the table. Some topics to look forward to this semester include sexuality, promiscuity, and staying safe during Homecoming.

Kenneth Johnson explains why #LU After Dark is unique compared to other radio shows.

"We keep it real. Our topics are real and we have the opportunity to give our genuine opinion", Johnson said. "Not only does our show provide facts, but we also provide various tips for the students on campus along with giving them the chance to share their current or past problems."

According to Jones, the hosts of #LU After Dark have an ambitious set of goals for the new show.

"We want students to be involved, and we want to hear their thoughts on topics that may inspire someone else. Our main goal is to reach half of the student body and inform students about sexual health, pregnancy, positive love and relationships. Even if that goal is unattainable, we would be satisfied with just being able to help one person."

Catch #LU After Dark with Jasmine Jones and her co-hosts every Wednesday night at 10:00pm on WWLU 88.7 FM and cable channel 78.

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