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WWLU Radio Show

The Early Morning Experience


Start your morning off right by tuning into the Early Morning Experience! WWLU's morning drive show, commonly referred to as EME, returns with the perfect blend of pop culture, Lincoln news and today's hottest music. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Donnielle Kirkland (Junior), Alicia Brown (Senior) and Latoya Cottingham (Junior) bring you hilarious stories, segments, and guests that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

"Usually, in the morning people are very tired so we make it our priority as an early morning show to bring positive energy and liveliness to start our listeners' days off right", said Brown.

Fans can tune to the Early Morning Experience for the latest in world, local and on-campus news. The team also treats the audience to special segments like "ENT on EME", where they discuss the latest in entertainment; and "Movie Talk", where they take a look at the latest at the box office. The Early Morning Experience also shines the spotlight on Lincoln students, faculty and staff doing positive deeds around the campus.

Kirkland, Brown and Cottingham also want listeners to take an active role in the show by calling in, tweeting and giving feedback. "I hope the students listen, learn and have great interaction with the hosts on our show", said Kirkland. "I don't want it to be one of those settings where everything is so stiff and the listeners aren't comfortable enough to get involved".

Check out the Early Morning Experience, every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-11:00AM on WWLU 88.7 FM and cable channel 78.

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