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How to Check Your Virus Scanning Version

Lincoln University uses Trend Micro's well respected virus scanning systems for scanning email messages, servers, and files on university-owned workstations. OfficeScan is the package for workstations, and it must be kept up to date in order to afford the maximum amount of protection from viruses. Here's how you can tell.

Officescan does its work through the use of an "engine" and a "pattern file". The engine is the program that scans, and the pattern file holds information to enable the engine to identify viruses. The pattern file is updated often, the engine only occasionally. New patterns and engines are first retrieved from the Trend site to a central virus control server on campus, and from there they are pushed out to individual computers.

Both the virus updates and a new process we are starting in April to do autmatic security updates, will need to be able to contact your machine to do their work. As a result, we ask that you do the following:

The current versions of pattern files and scanning engines are on Trend's home page.

You can check your computer's task bar for the versions you are running. On the taskbar you should see the OfficeScan symbol, a blue octagon. Hover over the octagon with your mouse pointer, and a small box will appear with the current versions of your scanning engine and pattern file.

Windows taskbar showing officescan icon and version information

If you aren't running the most current versions, log off, log back on, and check again. If you still have trouble, please call the Help Desk at x1234

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