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Intermittent Network Interruptions Main Campus LAN -- Resolved

2/26/03 Problem (view history ): Intermittent interruptions of short duration in network service (30 seconds, typically) due to a faulty core router. We are working with the vendor to resolve the problem. All network access is affected.

A core main campus LAN device that lies on the path to the Internet, provides internal routing, and NAT (Network Address Translation) for workstations began resetting after NAT was implemented. Vendor believes it is due to extreme CPU utilization, we suspect a hardware or firmware patch problem.

All traffic to and from the Internet, and nearly all traffic internal to the main campus LAN traverses this device. Email and regular web browsing are not affected as they can survive short stutters in response. However, other sessions like Telnet, MS Terminal Services, and some web browser applets may not tolerate such interruptions.

Replacement h/w appears to function normally. Problem considered resolved 3/16/03.

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