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Enhanced 911 Service Planned

Lincoln University is implementing Enhanced 911 service to improve the safety and security of employees and campus residents.

Enhanced 911 (E911) addresses an ermergency response problem for organizations with internal telephone systems, such as Lincoln has. When a 911 call is placed without E911, emergency personnel are dispatched to campus without knowing in advance where in the hundreds of possible locations on campus the call originated. This causes potentially dangerous delays in reaching residents in need of help.

With Enhanced 911 all telephones are given phone numbers that can be directly dialed from off campus. Each of these direct-dial numbers is stored in a database accessible by emergency service centers along with street, building, and room information. Emergency personnel are then dispatched with specific destinations.

Lincoln's implementation of E911 will involve naming all campus streets and numbering all buildings. Equipment will be installed to properly route 911 calls to the emergency response center and also to the university's Department of Public Safety. All campus extensions will be changed to direct-dial numbers, which will be maintained in the central "PS/ALI" database.


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