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Serving the Lincoln University community by supporting the effective use of technology in instruction.


Website Update Assistance

ATS will work with IT to assist faculty and staff in updating departmental and office web pages (we do not design web pages). Each department or office should have one person designated to update the department's web pages on a regular basis.

Website Policy and Procedures

Training and assistance in adding or editing your website - call ext. 7355. You will use Kompozer and FileZilla to edit and upload web pages.

Digital Imaging

Below is a listing of the basic information that should be included on all Lincoln home pages. Other pertinent information may be added, such as, headings for special program or projects, affiliations on and off campus, highlighted students, staff or faculty.

In order for websites to remain current and accurate, one person in each office is identified who will maintain the updated web pages. In addition, another person is identified who will review the content of office web pages for accuracy and timeliness of information. It is suggested that each office use a faculty member or professional staff person to review for accuracy. Each department chair or office director is responsible for theaccuracy of the information on their office website, just as they are responsible for the accuracy of written information about the office.

ATS staff will train office designees in updating web pages and will consult with you and/or your staff regarding information to include. Updates need to be carefully maintained so that web pages do not become "cobweb sites". For example, updates to calendars should be done weekly, course information by semester, and all information should be reviewed twice per year before each semester begins.

The following information is needed on each departmental or office website.

Department/Office name
Location and phone/fax numbers
Hours of operation
Office head with e-mail address
Staff with e-mail addresses
Short statement of purpose or responsibilities
Table of Contents listing information that will be linked

Academic Departments/Centers:
Course listings
Requirements for majors
Faculty biographies
Any special programs or projects

Administrative Offices:
Services provided
Policies and procedures
Any special projects

When you have gathered information for your pages or would like to make changes, call Ms. Snider at extension 7355. She will load your pages to the website.



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