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Serving the Lincoln University community by supporting the effective use of technology in instruction.


How can you use audio to enhance teaching and learning, particularly in online classes?


podcast recorder

Podcasting provides instructors with a means of creating digital audio which can be downloaded and listened to by students at any time using an ipod, MP3 player or computer with headphones or speakers. You can record lectures, special guest speakers, and other reusable learning materials that allow students to review and learn at their own pace.

Using a digital recorder or recording program and free audio editing programs such as Audacity allows you to edit your recordings into suitable clips for your intended audience.

How Can Podcasting Help Teaching and Learning?
Listening to digital audio content won’t replace reading, listening to live presentations, or the multitude of other ways learners take in information, but it can augment those methods.

Podcasting can contribute to the learning process in a face-to-face class and in Moodle.
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  • Assist auditory learners
  • Enable instructors and students to review lectures or presentations
  • Provide audio response or feedback to students
  • Provide supplementary content