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How to Use a SMARTBoard

You may use SmartBoards with Smart Notebook 10 software. The software is loaded on all computers connected to SmartBoards. Notebook 10 can be installed on your office or home computer for you to prepare for your classes. Notebook software can be downloaded here. For your home computer, you will need a product code.

Please contact Nancy Evans, or x8148, for the product code.

Instructions for Using SmartBoards by Classroom

SmartBoards are located in all classrooms in Ware Center, University Hall, Graduate Center, as well as Dickey Hall 318, 320, 322. Find the room in which you are teaching and click for instructions.

Basics: How to Use a SmartBoard the First Time
Though there is a lot more you can do. Contact ATS for help.

1. Open Notebook (on desktop)

2. Welcome window. Orient board first or tap Computer1 as the source.

It is advisable to ORIENT the board so the pens track where they should:

• Pick up pen. Click Orient, or hold the two buttons in the middle of the tray at the same time.

• On Orientation Grid, start in upper left corner and click the middle of the X.

• Work down the column and continue down the 2nd column until finished.

3. To Write on Board (use as whiteboard):

• Pick up one pen at a time and begin writing

• You may hold a pen, use your finger or you may use the mouse at the podium.

4. To Erase:

• Replace pen in tray. Pick up eraser and erase (more slowly than on a whiteboard) or circle what you want erased and tap the center.

TIP: Rather than close Notebook, PowerPoint or the Internet, simply minimize them to the bottom so you can pull them up quickly.

NOTE: Only one tray tool can be used at a time.